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Membership guidelines for potential members of the French Businessmen Association

FBA Membership
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FBA Membership is limited and confined to persons of French lineage, who are of good character and reputation, who have reached their 21st birthday, and who are interested in the goals and objectives of the FBA, subject to the following qualifications:

 1.  who are owners or partners or officers in a corporation
 2.  who are engaged in a profession or in any worthy and recognized business in a
      managerial capacity, for which they have received the proper standards of
     education or training
3.  who devote 80% of their time to the vocational activity which they qualify 
4.  who have pursued the occupation or profession under which they are admitted for
     at least one year prior to applying for FBA membership
Every candidate must be proposed by a FBA member in good standing, to whom the candidate must be personally known.

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