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"To The French Businessmen Association,

I would like to take a moment to say thank you from me and my family for the beautiful job you all did on our driveway. I always thought that having the driveway done could be put off and that it was sort of a luxury, something we could do without. This was probably the case up until last year when I had my accident and lost my left leg below my knee. Now the driveway that was merely a nuisance had become more of an issue. The bumpy, heaved, uneven asphalt was a challenge for me to walk on without a flexible ankle, the puddles would get up to 4” deep in spots and with winters in this part of the northwest corner, it was nearly impossible to keep the ice away. Now, with our open, flat, smooth driveway I am much more sure footed and confident getting out of the house, especially leaving for work early in the morning. Thank you all very much for thinking of us and donating your time and effort for this huge gift to us.

Dan, Cassie, Bella, Abby, and Jackson DePaolo"